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Triumph Motorcycles Ltd

An English company based in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

Not even an unfortunate receivership in the 1980s has prevented Triumph from continuing their proud tradition of producing some of Britain’s finest motorcycles. Founded in 1885, the Triumph brand made its first motor-powered bicycle in 1902 and since then has been responsible for a wide range of bikes combining the continental flair of its German founders with the gritty engineering spirit of British makers.

Any potted history of Triumph would be remiss not to mention ‘the Bonnie’. The Bonneville T120 wowed the crowd right from its Earls’ Court show debut in 1958 despite its legendary designer’s famous claim that his least satisfying bike would lead them “straight into Carey Street”, known for its bankruptcy courts. It was one of Britain’s top sellers until it was retired in 1975.

The Speed Triple, released in the mid-nineties, was one of the most notable early versions of the incoming Street fighter style of bikes. Powered by the Triumph Triple which also featured on bikes like the Daytona and the Sprint ST and which got the credit for the Triumph revival, the Speed Triple is now approaching its twentieth year of success.

Clint from Eastenders, anyone? No? How about Evel Knievel? One of his most notable stunts involved the use of a Bonnie, when in 1968 he powered his way over the fountains of the Caesar’s Palace Casino in Las Vegas on a T120TT. It’s merely a coincidence that this was the stunt on which he lost control during the landing and broke several bones. The Bonnie also features in films starring Clint Eastwood and Richard Gere whilst ‘The Fonz’ himself rode around on a Triumph Trophy TR5.

There are few people in this world who embodied ‘cool’ like Steve McQueen did; and when he needed a desert racer, his stuntman friend Bud Ekins – the one who actually jumped the fence on his TR6 650 during The Great Escape – sorted him out with a Triumph Desert Sled, which packed some serious punch as it replaced the more unwieldy parts with lighter mods and rods to help him win many races on the sand, even on his first attempt.

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